Estado: Available

REF: BP3004

The BP3004 is the new KROMA wired beltpack. Based on VoIP, it features four independent audio channels, and may work as a standalone party-line system, or integrated into KROMA’s TH5000 or TB3000 matrixes.

With a compact design and lightweighted, it becomes the perfect counterpart of KROMA’s BP5004 and TW7100 IP beltpacks.

Stand alone party-line It is possible to set a party-line group of beltpacks simply by connecting several terminals to a switch Ethernet, without the need of any other intercom device. This is one of the simplest party line systems configuration in the market, yet it provides advanced features with up to 4 channels to choose from.

This party line may be also connected to a larger KROMA systems just by connecting the switch Ethernet to the IP port of
a TH5000 or TB3000.

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