EasyNET party-line


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EasyNET is the new party-line system from KROMA. Based on three IP terminals (racked panel, desktop panel, and beltpack), the system offers one of the easiest configurations and installations in the market, very similar to a LAN network.

Indeed, the installation just consists of connecting all the terminals, up to 28, to a switch Ethernet, saving space, time, and money.

Three different terminals
There are three different terminals to fit each location:

  • The BP3004 is a wired beltpack with 4 keys and volume control. Light and compact, it is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet), so only one cable is required.  (A switch with PoE is required if BP3004 are used)
  • The BS3004 is a rack terminal with 4 keys, built-in speaker and optional microphone and headsets. It also includes four 4-wire analogue ports. Volume control is also available.
  •  The BS3204 is a desktop terminal with 4 keys, built-in speaker, volume control and optional microphone and headphones.

4 channels setup
All three terminals are provided with 4 keys to make use of the 4 audio channels available in each system; and advanced feature that makes it closer to a small matrix configuration and gives flexibility to the users.

External audio sources
The rack station BS3004 includes four 4-wire analogue audio ports, so that external audio sources such as camera intercom audio may be integrated into the system.

EasyNET, the simplest party-line in the market; the most-advanced functions to choose.

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