They have renewed their main console, taking advantage of the special offer due to the end of replacement parts warranty for AEQ legacy analog consoles.


Euskalerria Irratia is a radio station broadcasting in Euskera language, located in Comunidad Foral de Navarra (Spain). It has been on air from Pamplona since November 7th , 1988.


After more than 20 years using one of the worldwide reference consoles for radio stations, AEQ BC 2000, they have decided to renew it and place a bet for the future with AEQ Forum IP console. 

Juan Cruz, one of the station managers, made this decision after knowing that AEQ can no longer guarantee the supply of replacement parts for this kind of consoles. AEQ has provided replacements for more than 20 years, but it is no longer possible to locate components for the oldest analog mixing console models: BC-300 BC-500, BC-2500 and BC 2000. 

Another motivation for this change was that AEQ FORUM IP is a digital mixing console designed to cover all the needs of an ON AIR broadcasting studio. It incorporates all the basic features required in this kind of environments: automatic monitor cut, cough cut, fader start, signaling control, control signals for external device automation, external communications management, intercom, etc.

Thanks to its modular design and reduced size it is perfectly suitable for different scenarios: self-control, control-studio, TV production controls, sound production, mixed configurations, integration in large installations, etc.


Simplicity of use and control power are combined in AEQ FORUM to cover from the most basic operation needs to the most advanced ones, starting with a basic 4-fader control surface that can be easily enlarged to build up a 8 or 12 independent channels system with the standard chassis or up to 20 channels with Grand Forum chassis.

A group of long-experienced professionals works at Euskalerria Irratia. AEQ thanks them for their decision, and at the same time we congratulate them for having appreciated the future-proof features included in AEQ digital mixers.