LightSpace KROMA LTE

LightIllusion's LightSpace CMS for KROMA Broadcast Monitors

All KROMA Monitors Series 4000 and 7000 are compatible with LightSpace CMS. KROMA offers two LightSpace based solutions for KROMA monitors:  the affordable LightSpace KROMA LTE (comes with basic probe) to the full LightSpace PRO CMS software and that is compatible with any LightSpace compatible probe.

LightSpace KROMA LTE (Works Only with Included Basic Probe)

This version of LightSpace CMS comes bundled with a basic probe and is designed for calibration of KROMA Series 4000 and 7000 monitors.

LightSpace KROMA LTE is only compatible with the bundled probe and only exports LUTs in KROMA formats.

This software is best suited for those that simply want an affordable calibration solution that they can use in house with their KROMA monitors. While it does not offer some of the advanced features of the full LightSpace software you can always upgrade at anytime in the future from

LightSpace KROMA LTE - features:

  • OEM x-Rite probe with detailed probe specific spectroradiometer determined offset data files for all KROMA Series 4000 and 7000 monitors
  • Monitor quick profiling
  • Monitor cube profiling
  • 3D LUT creation from display profiles
  • Export of 3D LUTs in KROMA formats, compatible with all KROMA Series 4000 and 7000 monitors
  • Import of any LUT format with ability to then export in KROMA formats

Please note this is a Windows based application, but it will run well in Parallels or other Windows virtualization software on a Mac.

Estado: Available

REF: 390.001.502