LM4000 series

The new LM4000 series from KROMA includes a wide range of video inputs and additional tools for signal and quality control like WFM, vectorscope, VU-meters, IMD, etc. All you may need in a monitor, at an unbelievable price.

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  • Available in 9",18.5", 21" and 24"
  • DVI-I and DCI inputs
  • Composite i/o (by menu)
  • 2x SD/HD-SDI inputs with active loop
  • Tri-colour tally
  • Waveform, vectorscope, histogram

New tools have been included to assist in the signal monitoring, such as independent waveforms for Y, Cb and Cr,  vectorscope and histogram, displayed in different colours for a quick identification of each tool. It is possible to select the line of the signal in the waveforms for a more precise analysis of the picture.

  • Luma check, false colour, and focus assist tools

The camera calibration tools support correct camera settings:
- With luma check, the picture is generally displayed in b/w, and out of range luminance values (below 16 or over 235) are coloured in red (underexposure) or blue (overexposure).
- With false colour, the range of luminance values is scaled in ten different levels and displayed with different colours, making the luminance adjustment easier at extreme lighting conditions.
- With focus assist, the focused edges are highlighted when matching a certain level of sharpness configurable by menu)

  • Dynamic In-monitor display (TSL prococol)
  • Audio i/o and VU-meters

Audio monitoring is possible thanks to the different input options (analogue and SDI-embedded) and outputs (analogue, headphones and built-in speakers). The on-screen meters, configurable in size and transparency, display up to 16 channels in different scales (dBFS, BBC, DIN, Nordic, STD, NA, FRA, EBU). The audio phase indicator shows the phase relationship between left and right channels, with special signaling when channels are in phase.

  • Stereo built-in speakers
  • PiP and PbP
  • Remote control via RS-485

Estado: Available

REF: LM4009