Main Radio Studio with AEQ AudioPlus and BC2500 – Communications Sciences Faculty at Santiago de Compostela University 


By Manuel Fidalgo, Audio-visual Technician at the USC University, Communications Sciences Faculty

The Communications Sciences Faculty at Santiago de Compostela University used its facilities for the first time back in 1999, more than 17 years ago. At that moment, the technical managers decided to use Mar4win automation system in their radio studios, including five workstations: two radio controls and three editing booths operating against a server. 

Along these years, more than 2,000 students have carried out their Radio practices using this platform. “We were not only surprised by how easily students got used to Mar4win, but also by the stability of the system. The only issues have been produced by the obsolescence of the PCs running the applications, but as soon as we renewed them in 2010, all started to operate perfectly again”, as Manuel Fidalgo (Audio-Visual technician at USC’s Communications Sciences faculty) comments. 

“This has been the main reason to renew our trust in AEQ technology and staff by migrating the old Mar4win system to the current AudioPlus software, preserving the existing infrastructure (two controls and two editing booths) while adding a digital editorial office with six workstations using AudioPlus A+mini. We have received full support from AEQ specialists Raquel Cortés and Ana Martín”, Mr. Fidalgo explains. 

Apart from its main functionality (AudioPlus objects interaction and easy extraction of continuity marks) AudioPlus A+mini enables remote operation, online creation and modification of playout lists, audio file edition and a way to send them to FTP shared managers within the AudioPlus central system.

3 Editing booths equipped with BC300 console and AudioPlus

3 Editing booths equipped with BC300 console and AudioPlus

“After some time using the system since it was installed, we can confidently say that many operating aspects have been improved and made more agile and user-friendly, such as exporting objects or importing contents into the system managers directly from a pen-drive by simply dragging them to the manager”, Manuel Fidalgo remarks. 

6 workstation in the main editorial office,  equipped with AudioPlus A+mini

6 workstation in the main editorial office,  equipped with AudioPlus A+mini