Radio Marca starts its Fan zone with the mixer CAPITOL IP and STRATOS codecs


It is a truck-based radio studio, divided into control and studio, with views to the audience concentrated in front of a jumbo video screen. 


A ticket is not always available to watch our favorite match. When we haven’t been able to get one, we can still spend a good time with friends watching it on a large screen while listening to the match and journey reporting from a mobile studio located by the stadium. This idea is used by Radio Marca, that opened its Fan Zone last 3rd of November in Getafe. Its intention is to travel from one stadium to another across Spain, sitting in a different city every weekend.


The truck is divided in two areas: control and studio, with views to the audience and the jumbo screen. An AEQ Capitol digital mixing console is the heart of the system, complemented by a microphone pre-mixer. Communications are implemented by two AEQ Stratos audiocodecs offering IP and ISDN connectivity.


The studio is ready to generate very lively dialogues thanks to its 6 positions to be occupied by journalists and guests, who can simultaneously discuss.


It has been installed by Radio Marca technical services.