Radio Rancagua recently acquired the ALIO codec for outdoors reporting


Radio Rancagua in Chile recently purchased AEQ Phoenix ALIO for outdoor reporting. In order to achieve the best efficiency, an AEQ Phoenix Mercury rackmounted audiocodec has also been installed in the station’s studios.

The radio station broadcasts at 99.5 MHz FM in Rancagua, Chile. It also broadcasts via Internet to the enitre country and worldwide. It is currently the second oldest station in Chile, and was founded back in 1929. Contemporary music and Latin pop is offered in several programs throughout the day. From the very beginning, Radio Rancagua is the most popular station in that region. Several well-known singers from Chile, such as Lucho Gatica, Ginette Acevedo and Buddy Richard debuted there.

In order to make the outdoor activity activities easier for the journalists, Radio Rancagua has recently purchased a new AEQ portable IP audiocodec. When the journalist reports from the Congress Palace, football stadiums, or press conferences.

“Although AEQ ALIO was specially designed for sports events, it has proven to be easy to use in differente scenarios. It´s also suitable for music events”, as Jorge Romero, Technical Manager at Radio Rancagua explained. “This codec is compact and rugged, shock-resistant and even liquid proof. That’s why we considered it suitable for outdoor use”.

AEQ ALIO audiocodec can be connected to many codecs from other manufacturers as it´s EBU’s N ACIP Tech 3326 compliant. But, if it´s connected to an AEQ codec, an exclusive set of communication features and control tools can be used. “This is the reason why we have an AEQ Mercury rackmounted audiocodec at the main studio. The AEQ ControlPhoenix remote management software provides a total control over the communications and ALIO operating from the studio. This feature allows us to help the journalists at the event if there is some issue” sais Jorge Romero.


Audiocodec AEQ PHOENIX ALIO listo para retransmitir


AEQ ALIO allows the connection of 4 microphones, two stereo headphones and a stereo line input and output. Microphone inputs can be equalized, providing tonal improvement of the commentator’s voice and attenuation of ambient noise.

“Besides the device’s performance, our decision has also been driven by the great support provided by SERCOM SA, the manufacturer’s local partner, which provides us confidence when using AEQ equipment”, Mr. Romero remarks.