Success of the Spanish Dante seminar


Enables the attendees to install and configure basic and advanced Audio over IP networks

DANTETM (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet) protocol allows to share linear audio channels with 24bits per sample over standard IP networks. It was developed back in 2006 by the Australian company Audinate, and is currently adopted by more than 350 manufacturers of professional audio, live sound, PA, studios and broadcast equipment, having become the de-facto standard for audio exchange over IP networks.

Working with a new protocol supposes not only developing the hardware and software devices, but also counting with well trained staff for its proper design, implementation, development, installation, configuration and start-up.

Broadcast equipment manufacturer AEQ, together with Audinate and University Carlos III have promoted this seminar. Trainers Kieran Walsh and Julián Carro from Audinate and R&D Engineer Sergio Sánchez from AEQ got around just for this event. The seminar was mainly held in the main auditory of University Carlos III located in the Technologic Park of Leganés, that was kindly offered for this training.


The collaboration of audio manufacturers Bel, Crestron and Yamaha, together with AEQ, provided a practical and demonstrative dimension to the seminar. The success cases explained by YAMAHA, CRESTRON and AEQ illustrated some real projects implementations successfully deployed these days using DANTE AoIP protocol in very diverse scenarios: corporative, broadcast, live performance, radio and TV stations, educational and even in hotels. 

Also, the attendees could even have a first-person contact with the new equipment from the different manufacturers, all of them connected together using a single Ethernet network, in a workshop which was open during the whole day in parallel to the training sessions, and like complementary information.

More than 100 people were trained in a very intense and fruitful 8-hour journey. Most of then are audio engineers from the main Spanish audio, radio and TV stations and from some audio-visual service companies, as well as a group of University students.

After passing a test, the attendees can apply for an accrediting certificate expedited by Audinate according to the level of knowledge achieved.

For example, AEQ now counts with a numerous staff certified with DANTE Level 3.

AEQ, together with its KROMA by AEQ brand, offers the widest catalogue of DANTE compatible devices in the broadcast market: FORUM IP, CAPITOL IP and ARENA digital audio consoles family, BC 2000D router, VENUS 3 audiocodec, AudioPLUS automation system, CROSSNET and CONEXIA intercom matrixes and the novel Olympia 3 commentary system. All of these solutions natively operate with DANTE IP-based multichannel audio inputs and outputs and are hence compatible with more than one thousand third-party devices potentially adequate for the implementation of a specific system.