TH5000 matrix


REF: TH5012R01

Estado: Available

The TH5000 hybrid matrixes from KROMA are the heart of the new generation of KROMA hybrid intercom systems.

By integrating audio sources of different nature (analogue, digital and Voice-over-IP), the unit can natively host a wide range of signals, like audio from CCUs, user panels and wireless beltpacks.

With four different versions in 12, 24 and 48 ports (upgradeable by software) and only 1RU high, the TH5000s represent a state-of the-art compact solution for small and middle-sized intercom systems.

The TH5000s are provided with up to 48 ports of 3 different types:

• Analogue ports: Four transformer-isolated 4-wires ports can be used to connect Camera Control Units (CCUs) or audio programme sources, as well as any other external 4-wires analogue audio source.

• Digital Ports: The digital ports main purpose is usually to host KROMA user panels. Alternatively, interface cards may be used so that telephone lines or additional analogue ports may be integrated into the system.

• IP ports: One RJ45 connector provides the gateway to the virtual IP ports via a switch Ethernet. These virtual ports can be used to connect user panels or beltpacks through a LAN, remote terminals through an WAN, or KROMA IP beltpacks and virtual panels.

The PC based Crossmapper software for easy system setup provides a simple way to configure the complete talkback system through an intuitive graphic user interface. The map can then be loaded through front USB port or through the LAN connection.

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