TP5000 series


Estado: Available

REF: TP5008

The TP5000 series panels represent KROMA’s top range of user terminals. With 4 different audio ports, these state-of-the-art user panels can be connected to up to 3 different intercom systems simultaneosly.

However, what makes these panels stand out is the user interface. Each crosspoint key is actually an independent graphic LCD, which can display two lines of text and is completely configurable in colour, brightness and function.

The TP5000s are provided with 4 different audio ports: 2 digital ports, 1 IP port and 1 analogue port, what makes them compatible with any KROMA intercom matrix.

Two rackable user panel models are available in the 5000 series: the TP5008 is provided with 8 keys, while the TP5024 includes 24 keys. These may be expanded thanks to the EP5024 kit, that adds 24 additional keys in only one extra RU high.

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