TSA reiterates its confidence in AEQ-KROMA to renew Barça TV installations


AEQ has provided broadcast video monitoring and communications equipment such as intercom systems, audio-codecs and phone hybrids

Barça TV is a sports television channel entirely devoted to Barcelona Football Club. This thematic channel started broadcasting on July 27th, 1999. At this moment, Barça TV is on-air 24/7 throughout the year. Programming is exclusively based on the Club, paying special attention to everything related to the First Team in Football but without forgetting training sessions, the Club’s multi-sports character and the institutional activities of the Entity.

Barça TV has carried out a complete renewal of their installations and Telefónica Audio-Visual Services (TSA), has trusted AEQ-KROMA once again.

AEQ has provided the complete Video Monitoring solution, as well as the Communications area equipment (Intercom system, Audiocodecs and Phone Hybrids). These cutting-edge devices will simplify and optimize the daily operations at Barça TV. 

Video Monitoring

AEQ-KROMA has provided broadcast monitors in several sizes: 18.5” and 24” full HD, preview monitors sets of 3 x 5” and 4 x 4” screens, etc. All of them have 16:10/16:9 native formats but are also multi-format. These broadcast monitors provide the best possible image quality, contrast, color representation and unbeatable viewing angles, allowing for a correct monitoring of the different video signals. Their lifespan is in excess of 50.000 hours. Technical Intercom

The System Provided is a Hybrid Intercom System, a 48-ports TH5048, natively integrates different Audio formats for its sources (analog, digital and “Voice over IP”), offering great flexibility in regards to management of different signals, as well as audio from CCU’s, a wide variety of user panels, wireless IP beltpacks, etc. All this is integrated in a single 1U rack unit.

It is very important to highlight that the transmission of a voice signal via IP allows several locations/venues to communicate to each other via IP. For example, the production center will be able to communicate with the Mobile Unit. The matrix provided features 28 IP, 16 digital and 4 analog ports.

The TP4016R01- panels, with 1U 19” rack format, 16 configurable crosspoint keys and 4 page levels, provides the user with up to 64 configurable keys. The keyboard is a two-color backlit silicon type and can be upgraded to 32 keys if the customer so requires.

Also, a wireless beltpack system based on 5GHz WiFi technology has been provided together with some complementary devices:

- WiFi Access Points: they may be either independent, for small work areas, or managed when a wider area is covered by several different access points.

- WiFi Managers: control the assignation of each WiFi intercom terminal to the different access points, managing the roaming when changing from one access point’s coverage area to another.